Transformational Events

A Transformational Event can be an area wide or local church event. It can be a:

  • Sunday Morning Event
  • One-day Event / Friend day
  • 48 Hour Celebration
  • Multiple day event

Regardless of the setting or time frame a celebration with Jerry Pipes is built around the following tried and proven formula:


While 95% of the lost people who come to Christ in a Celebration are brought by a believer, a major key to their success in bringing their lost friends is having special features that lost people are interested in hearing and seeing.

Celebration options include:
*”Felt Need” conferences
*Professional athletes
*Recording artists


Building Bridges


The vertical bridge is with God through prayer.
If you plan and work, you get what man can do. But if you pray, you get what God can do.

The horizontal bridges are people to people.
Celebrations create a movement of God that begins during the preparation leading up to the Celebration and continues well after. The preparation process inspires and equips people to reach their co-workers, friends, and neighbors for Christ.

Clearly Communicating the Gospel


At the event Jerry and the team make the Gospel clear, relevant, compelling, and concise.